The history of Hammocks

Can you imagine how the first hammock came into Europe?

The famous Cristoffel Columbus who was born between 25th August and 31st October in 1451. in addition to discovered America he also discovered the hammock in the Bahamas.

The first note which prove that came from him: on 17th October 1492. he stated that „“people were sleeping in nets between the trees”.

This quote shows we use hammocks nowadays as people use them in the past. After that when Columbus came back to Europe he brought a hammock with himself.

At that time it was extensively used by mainly sailors. Hammocks were quite a comfortable bed for them at that age because they could sleep in their hammock comfortably instead of the hard, dirty and wet deck.


As we can see hammocks have a really long history and they are also very popular nowadays among people. Currently a wide range of hammocks are available on the market.

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