Which is the best breast pump to buy?

Hello Eveyone,

Kelly is here, again :)! The reason why I write this post because I think it is very hard to find out which breast pump is the best nowadays.

There are too many options and products from we should choose from… If you want to find the best one you have to take great attention while you are searching for it.

I was looking for the answer for the above mentioned question when I finally found a really good review video about the best breast pumps available online!

This video helped me a lot. Firstly I did not know which type of pump should I choose from the available 3 different types.

Imagine, that you can choose from the manual, single and double electric breast pumps.

The different types of breast pumps

I would like to help you so I collected some tips about which one is the best for whom:

Manual breast pump is ideal is you:

  • want to pump only a few times
  • do not want to use the pump every day
  • just want to express milk sometimes if you can not be with your little one


  • do not take up much room
  • lightweight
  • easy to carry even in your bag


  • you alwasy need min. one hand to express milk
  • little bit time consuming

Single or Double Electric breast pump is great choice if you:

  • often have to be stay away from your baby
  • you have to express more milk in less time
  • you have to pump many times a day


  • portable
  • time saving
  • you can produce more milk in less time
  • easy to use
  • comfortable to use
  • you can sit back and do nothing just relax while the machine do the work instead of you
  • you can use it whever you are – e.g. if you are working


  • little bit expensive but I think it worth the price because it really makes your life easier

I hope these features helps you to decide what kind of pump can be the best for you.

Thanks to the above mentioned video I could discover the best manual and electric pumps too. Finally I bought a double electric breast pump which is called Spectra. It is the 2nd best based on the toplist so I think it was a great choice.

This is the pump I bought for myself

I think you should check this video – and imagine, in the video description you can find the product links and they offer you really great discounts!

I hope you enjoyed my post!




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