The history of Hammocks

Can you imagine how the first hammock came into Europe?

The famous Cristoffel Columbus who was born between 25th August and 31st October in 1451. in addition to discovered America he also discovered the hammock in the Bahamas.

The first note which prove that came from him: on 17th October 1492. he stated that „“people were sleeping in nets between the trees”.

This quote shows we use hammocks nowadays as people use them in the past. After that when Columbus came back to Europe he brought a hammock with himself.

At that time it was extensively used by mainly sailors. Hammocks were quite a comfortable bed for them at that age because they could sleep in their hammock comfortably instead of the hard, dirty and wet deck.


As we can see hammocks have a really long history and they are also very popular nowadays among people. Currently a wide range of hammocks are available on the market.

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The dinosaur backapack which met with all of my expectations

If you want to find the best backpack which meets with all of your expectations I would like to suggest you to read my new blog post.

In this post I would like to tell you the story how I found my new backpack. I will write about which are the essential features what a good backpack have and what are the most important facts that you should take into consideration before you choose your new bag!

First of all I was looking for a backpack which has an appropriate size for me. You should think through what size do you prefer the most. I have a lots of staff what I have to bring with myself every day so I wanted to find a bigger backpack. The material of the backpack is also important. For me the most important thing was that it has to be very durable because as I write above I carry many things which are heavy. Besides durability of course you can have other preferences such as water resistant material and so on. For me a good backpack must to have multiple compartments in order to break up my belongings into smaller sections. In this way it is much more easier for me to access and find the stuff what I need. Padded shoulder straps were also important for me because I wanted to buy a backpack which is very comfortable even if I have to carry it for hours. I think this characteristic can be important for you too because thanks to the pads the pressure on your shoulder will be less so you can protect yourself from backpain. There are many kinds of different colours you can choose from. I knew that

I choose the best dinosaur backpack

I want to pick a dirt-resistant color so I was looking for a black or dark blue colors.

dinosaur backpack in dark-blue color

dinosaur backpack in dark-blue color

Finally I found a great website – – which helped me to choose the backpack which fits my needs. I bought a big dino backpack in dark blue which produced from really durable material, has multiple compartments and padded shoulder straps so I am very satisfied. My skip hop dinosaur backpack is very unique too so I am wearing it proudly. I am glad that I found such a good dinosaur backpack with spikes for a really great price. I would strongly recommend you this webpage because there you can find many dinosaur backpacks for a great price!

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I suprised my boyfriend with a new IPS Monitor!

The way I found the best IPS Monitor for my love

Let me tell you the story about how I found and bought the best gift for my boyfriend ever! We are a happy couple since 2010. and we live together since 2011. so we know each other very well.

That is the reason why I known that I have to buy him a nem monitor because that was his big dream secretly. So I figured out that it would be the best gift for his birthday if I would buy him a new and really great monitor!

After that I hesitated a bit because I was not certain that I can find an excellent monitor – which he will also like – without any help. As a girl I do not really know much about monitors or any kind of technology related products. So you can imagine how hard was it to start the searching…

At the beginning I tried to focus on which monitors are much better than my boyfriend’s old TN panel display. I was looking trough many websites but I do not really get the points. I was nearly gave up when luckily I found a great website which made a selection about the best IPS monitors. On there are a brief explonation about each and every facts what can be important when you want to buy a new monitor. Thanks to this website I found out that IPS monitors are much more better than TN panel monitors because for example it has wide viewing angles and the colors always stay true.

ips monitor dell u2713hm 698

I am still not a professional in this topics but this site helped me a lot. Without them I truly doubted that I would found this awesome gift for my love! I have to mention here that boyfriend was impressed and he was very happy. He could not believe that he got such a perfect gift! (So I was proud for myself :)).

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My first post


This is my first post in this blog!

I would like to write about great things and I hope it will be successful.

I created this blog in order to write about topics what I am interested in and I hope it will be interesting for you too.

My favourite topics are: cooking, family and relationships and technology. As you can see it is a wide range of interest so I think if you will visit my page you will always find something which can help you in your everyday life.